Gros - tiny easy


Arch:     i386-32-little
Stack:    No canary found
NX:       NX disabled
PIE:      No PIE (0x8048000)

The binary is, surprisingly, tiny:

08048054  58        POP EAX
08048055  5a        POP EDX
08048056  8b 12     MOV EDX,dword ptr [EDX]
08048058  ff d2     CALL EDX

Also, this is a local privilege escalation challenge.

What is one the stack in such a tiny program?

00:0000│ esp  0xffff9c20 ◂— 0x3
01:0004│      0xffff9c24 —▸ 0xffff9ebe ◂— 0x6d6f682f ('/hom')
02:0008│      0xffff9c28 —▸ 0xffff9f08 ◂— 0x41414141 ('AAAA')
03:000c│      0xffff9c2c —▸ 0xffff9f0d ◂— 0x42424242 ('BBBB')
04:0010│      0xffff9c30 ◂— 0x0
05:0014│      0xffff9c34 —▸ 0xffff9f12 ◂— 0x5f474458 ('XDG_')

So, there is argc, then argv, then zero (end of argv), then env. Since it’s a local task, we can controll all of these.

What we may do is:

Easy, we just need to bruteforce 3 bytes.